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Disaster Action Team Responders and Workforce Responder

Disaster Action Team Responders and Workforce Responders work together to provide assistance and respond to disasters in the Chapter/region. Responsibilities include providing timely responses to disasters and assist those affected, respond to disaster scenes as assigned by Team Leader within two hours, meet the needs of those affected by disasters, complete forms related to service, provide referrals to other agencies, and communicate to the Team Leader about availability and readiness on a regular basis. Volunteers choose their availability on a shift calendar, once trained volunteers may remain active as long as required training is updated and Disaster Action Team membership will be evaluated and renewed yearly based on performance. Volunteers must be 18 or older, demonstrate commitment to the mission of the American Red Cross, and be able to follow chapter guidance and current Red Cross disaster guidance

For more information and to sign up visit www.redcross.org/KS/Topeka/Volunteer

Need Type: Volunteer
This Need is ongoing
Agency Requirement: >18 years old
Zip Code: 66604